General Questions

How much does RoomDots cost?

RoomDots is free to use during beta. What a great value right! So sign-up now.

Pricing for new users is free for the first two months, and then we charge 1% of your bookings. At this value, you get automatic pricing on the top rental sites around the world, RoomDots Sync and team of experts to make sure you’re priced perfectly every day.

Most hosts see a 10-40% gain in revenue within the first month of using RoomDots. Check out our pricing page for more details.

How does RoomDots price automatically?

It’s not magic, it’s math. RoomDots uses thousands of data points to determine what the best price is for your listing now and in the future. We adjust prices every hour to keep your listing competitive and track things like hotel and rental prices, bookings around you and much more.

What is RoomDots Cross-Sync?

RoomDots Cross-Sync takes your daily prices and availability and syncs it to other rental sites you’re already listed on.This ensures you never have mismatched prices or double booking anywhere.

How do I cross-sync?

After you’ve added two rental sites to your account you will see a green flag with a link on it next to each listing. Click it and add two identical listings to the same group. We’ll take care of the rest.

What other sites are you pricing on?

We’re proud to say we’re automatically pricing on Airbnb, Housetrip, 9flats and Roomorama. If you would like us to price on more site please let us know.

When will RoomDots be available in my city?

We take pricing your property very seriously and are proud to say we do! We launch in new cities when our data scientists are absolutely certain everything is perfect.

One of the things that makes RoomDots unique is our ability to analyze thousands of hotels prices, hundreds of thousands of vacation rentals, events and more before pricing your listings.

This takes a lot of data!

We don’t just lower your price as a stay approaches or increase your price during peak seasons – you already know how to do that. We actually monitor the market in real-time to price you accordingly. Get ready to price your room with hotel and airline pricing sophistication.

So sit tight and believe that when we launch in your city everything is perfect.

Who handles payment processing?

Coming soon.

What type of security do you have?

We take security very seriously which is why we use military grade encryption on our servers so your covered at all times

How often do you update prices?

We update prices every hour or sooner.

Can I convince you to launch in my city?

Absolutely! If you share our mission with friends in your community we’ll give you priority access before we launch in your city.


Why do I have to connect my rental accounts?

We need access to your account to collect real-time information about your listing. We also want to keep your prices and calendar synced across sites so this helps us keep you priced perfect.

How long does it take to sign-up and get automatically priced?

Less than 60 seconds.

How does RoomDots locate my competitors?

With lots of data. We analyze thousands of data points to determine which rentals have similar characteristics to yours and then you help us decide.

Why do I say yes/no to images of rentals during on-boarding?

Our patent pending classification system helps determine which nearby rentals are similar to yours. These rentals offer the same amenities and services you do. You help us determine which rentals look closest to yours so we can track them and keep you priced competitively.

I use facebook to login to Airbnb. How can I connect to RoomDots?

If you used Facebook to login then you’ll need to create a Airbnb login and password. It’s super easy and takes only a minute. Here are the instructions from Airbnb.

What is a compset?

A compset is a group of listings nearby that offer similar amenities or services. Our patent pending classification system automatically identifies these rentals and monitors how they price to keep you competitive.


Why do my prices go up/down?

RoomDots tracks thousands of data points to determine what the best price is for your listing now and in the future. We adjust prices up and down every hour to keep your listing competitive based on how others are pricing, what’s booking and more.

Do you take my occupancy into consideration?

Absolutely, we analyze how many bookings you currently have and the rate you receive them to set the right price at the right time. If our system notices that you’re not receiving bookings fast enough it adjusts your prices to make sure you do.

How can I change a price recommendation?

It’s easy, visit your calendar in Roomdots and click on a date. Enter in the amount you’d like to price and we’ll set it for you. We won’t change this price unless you turn Automatic Pricing back on for that day.

I have a lot of days already booked. Will RoomDots take a commission on those?

Absolutely not. We know you’ve worked hard to make your listing amazing and won't’ charge you for booking made prior to joining our service.

Is the revenue in my stats box my total revenue or just revenue for the next 60 days?

The revenue number listed in your stats box is the revenue you’ve earned after beginning RoomDots Dynamic Pricing.

What is minimum price?

Minimum price is the lowest price you would be willing to rent your listing for. Our system will never price below your min price. You can change this price anytime but if you set it to high you may lose out on potential bookings.

Why wouldn’t I want to be fully booked?

If you’re 100% booked to early on you’re most likely losing money. Since supply / demand doesn’t peak for every day of the month early on, a fully booked calendar means you’re underpricing.

Do price recommendations include booking and cleaning fees?

Nope. Booking fee’s and cleaning fee’s are not induced in your price recommendation.

Is RoomDots pricing fee taken from my rental payout?

Nope! We charge you independently from the rental site so we need your payment information to maintain pricing and syncing.


What is kids covered?

Kids Covered™ is Roomdots non-profit organization that’s near and dear to our hearts. The idea of RoomDots dynamic pricing began when our founders stayed at an Airbnb. (Learn More) While staying there they sponsored a child in need to take her off the streets and keep her “covered”. In that same vein they want to continue giving back by donating a part of the commission they charge on every booking. This doesn’t cost you anything but we couldn't’ do it without you.

Learn more about What We Give

How is my kids covered number created?

Every time you accept a booking we take a few dollars out of RoomDots small 1% fee and donate to causes on your behalf. The more bookings you accept the more we can donate to keep kids covered.

How can I volunteer for a RoomDots mission

Contact us! Our next mission trip is to Kenya. We will be setting up medical clinics in the jungle.

Can I recommend a non-profit in my city for you to support?

Absolutely, please contact our team.